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Womens Group Hypnosis Gatherings



Fun and informative! Participate in group hypnosis gathering. Minimum 5 people. Your location, be it at your home or office meeting room. $50 per person. 1.5 hours . Your own private journal will assist you individual as well as collectively within the group for the changes you want to make. $250 deposit when setting your date and location.  (Please no food or alcohol served at gathering. Water is great)  Ask about hostess benefits!

Different Themes Available

Hypnosis Happy Hour

Weight Loss/Healthy Living

Empowerment For Women

Stop Smoking

Great Sleep, Stress Busters

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping


Learn how easy tapping can be used for reduce stress, cravings and negative thoughts.

Tapping can be used for:

Chronic Pain Managment.

Putting words to your emotions.

Releasing cravings for sugary foods or even cigarettes.

 To Reduce anger or hurt feelings.

Sport Hypnosis: Golf * Baseball* Running


Learn to get into and stay in your zone!

Play your best game.

Remember to have fun!

All different sports require you to be your best,  visualize and create what you want!

Hypnosis For Test Anxiety


Take the stress out of taking test or exams!

Learn the tools of EFT (tapping) and self-hypnosis.

Take The Fear Out of Public Speaking


Hypnosis lets you let go of the fear of public speaking! You will actually look forward to doing your speech or presentation! Have you learned the skills and still have fear? Are you stuck in your career or business because you are paralyzed when you even think of speaking in front of a group? Call today and release this fear once and for all! 508-579-6314

To learn skills in a supportive women's group. www.SpeakerSisterhood.com

Hypnosis, Call Today 508-579-6314

Professional Hypnosis & Life Coaching


Corporations.organizations benefit from coaching, mindful mediation, self-hypnosis and other tools to help employees be their best!

Sales motivation

Stress Busters


Release procrastination and fear.

Call for group pricing!

Medical Hypnosis Specialist


 Therapeutic relaxation changes life. It can reduce medical complications, promote healing and help you to handle the everyday issues of life. Have you ever thought, “I just need to relax?” Learning self-hypnosis is the way to create calm. 

Medical hypnosis is a specialty field that has great success with:

Chronic Pain

Fear of Pre and Post Surgery

Accelerating Healing


Complete Wellness Solutions Weight Loss/Healthy Living


  Many people have used hypnosis to change eating and activity patterns and finally succeed at weight loss where diets have failed. Are ready to release the excess weight forever? 

A unique blend of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or called tapping and hypnosis, accelerates the process of change!

What would you like to change?

Change your mind....change your life!

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