Weight Loss With Hypnosis

Hypnosis looks at the beliefs and habits we have around food and exercise. In this personalized hypnosis program, you will learn stress reduction tips with EFT tapping and self-hypnosis. You will discover your self-sabotaging ways so that you can release the weight once and for all now. A copy of your personalized session on audio will be given to you. You can listen to this audio for reinforcement between sessions. Clients can join my private FaceBook page that is full of resources for additional meditation, EFT tapping, recipes, encouragement, and movement ideas. In this program, we look at what works for you and your schedule. Together, we can make this program doable, easy, and flexible.

This journey of healthy living is about making changes. If we do the same things we get the same result. You need to truly be ready for this path. There is homework and participation to make it work.

When you think about yourself at your ideal weight, how does that truly make you feel? Do you recognize your self-talk and how it can sabotage your best efforts? Are you ready to truly embrace your life? Hypnosis works on the self-limited beliefs that you may have picked up about food, exercise and your self-worth. For any method to work your desire to take responsibility for personal change is key.

What Former Hypnosis Clients Say

"I have been trying to lose weight to get control of my diabetes. I had been having success on my own, severely restricting carbohydrates. I went to see Deb for 4 1-hour sessions (I believe that is her usual for weight loss) and found they helped reinforce my thinking, my choices and my actions. It also helped me deal with some of the cravings. She starts with a questions session to get to know you and what your goals and needs are. She then uses things relevant to you to tailor the actual hypnosis sessions and make them very personal but never intrusive. I never felt uncomfortable in any way. I also found she is very flexible in her approach, as there was one technique she introduced which i did consider to be helpful and she adjusted easily and without any disagreement. The end result is, I have continued to lose weight and my blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c have all been reduced to close to normal levels. I am very pleased. If you have the tome and money I recommend you give this a try to augment your other efforts towards losing weight."
Robert L.

Complete Wellness Solutions

This is not a diet plan. You will make the food choices for you and your health. I am not a dietitian. I will support you with resources that you can further search and see what works for you. This is not about being deprived. This will be a positive uplifting experience with choice.

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person. I guarantee that I will use the most professional up-to-date hypnosis techniques for each individual. Hypnosis does not treat or diagnose any disease. Hypnosis provides guidance for you to live your best life and assists you in helping you develop your best self.

What is next? Your path to great health.