Hypnosis Sessions Pricing

Each of the hypnosis sessions are listed below. Prior to purchasing your session, please fill-out the consent form, and then you will be directed to the products page for checkout.

Three (3) Sessions Personalized Program


3 sessions personalized program: Stress Reduction, Sleep Well, Test Anxiety or other
Hypnosis/EFT One (1) Session


Pre-payment Single Hypnosis Session: Great for Stress Reduction/Sleep Well!

Gift Certificates Available.

Stop Smoking Personalized Package


Includes 2 sessions: First session: Stop Smoking Hypnosis. Second session: Reinforcement.

Comes with personalized free recordings.

Weight Loss Program Four (4) Sessions


Pre-payment for 4 Session Weight Loss and Other Programs.
Weight Loss Boost Two (2) Sessions*


*For clients who have already gone through the 4 Sessions Weight Loss Program and want a seasonal boost.

Cleansing of Home, Office, or Yard


I will come to your location and read the energy of your space and perform a cleanse using burning sage or spray. Price varies on location and service. Also available, fire ritual in your fireplace or firepit. Call for more information.

Please fill-out the consent form before making your purchase.