Hypnosis Sessions Pricing

Each of the hypnosis sessions are listed below. Prior to purchasing your session, please fill-out the consent form, and then you will be directed to the products page for checkout.

Three (3) Sessions Personalized Program


3 sessions personalized program: Stress Reduction, Sleep Well, Test Anxiety or other

One (1) Session


Pre-payment Single Hypnosis Session:
Great for Stress Reduction/Sleep Well!

Gift Certificates Available.

Stop Smoking
Personalized Package


Stop Smoking Personalized Package.

Includes 2 sessions:
First session: Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Second session: Reinforcement

Comes with personalized free recordings.

Weight Loss Program
Four (4) Sessions 


Pre-payment for 4 Session Weight Loss and Other Programs.

Cleansing of Home,
Office, or Yard


I will come to your location and read the energy of your space and perform a cleanse using burning sage or spray.

Price varies on location and service.

Also available, fire ritual in your fireplace or firepit. Call for more information.

Weight Loss Boost
Two (2) Sessions*


*For clients who have already gone through the 4 Sessions Weight Loss Program and want a seasonal boost.

Please fill-out the consent form before making your purchase.

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